Use your B. R. A. I. N. 

Many times during pregnancy and childbirth we are faced with many decisions. While some are easy, we can come up against some decisions that are tough to face, not clear in presentation, or ones that can make you feel unsure of yourself as a parent/guardian even before you've had a chance to meet your new … Continue reading Use your B. R. A. I. N. 

You charge how much?! 

I'm laying in bed, it's 2 a.m.  I just finished washing the dishes, "rescuing" my dining room and living room, loading and setting the washing machine. I had decided earlier this evening that I just didn't wanna. I didn't feel like doing any of that. So, instead, I sat and watched tv with my family. … Continue reading You charge how much?! 

A Mommy’s Gotta Do What a Mommy’s Gotta Do: Christmas Trickery!

Dec. 23rd and so much to do still!!! I don't know how this happened. We got most of our Christmas shopping done during Cyber Monday. I was so pumped to FINALLY be on top of things and ahead of schedule. Here I am, 2 days before Christmas, still needing to get stocking stuffers and our … Continue reading A Mommy’s Gotta Do What a Mommy’s Gotta Do: Christmas Trickery!

Our Birth Story- Baby #3

Today "Ducky" aka "Sweets" is 7 weeks and 2 days old. I am amazed at how quickly time has gone by. It seems like it was just yesterday I was at the hospital in labor. It's taken me this long to complete because she is quite demanding of my time, but I wanted to share … Continue reading Our Birth Story- Baby #3

My Secret Revealed… It’s a sad day.

*Added 5/20-Before you read this post I want to let you know I'm so happy!!! The journey was long, but has finally come to an end. In hindsight, yes, you will see I was crushed by the revelation. But honestly, knowing the information did make things a bit easier for ME. It allowed me to … Continue reading My Secret Revealed… It’s a sad day.