Is That All?

Washing Cloth Diapers

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this?

I have many days when I feel like I don’t get anything done except washing cloth diapers. And I probably only get THAT done because without them the baby would have none. It is an ABSOLUTE must. I’m not even sure how I manage it at times.

Some days I feel extremely unproductive. Almost to the point of tears. But then I have to put it all into perspective. I have a demanding 8 month old baby. She takes up much of my time. We have many days where she will not nap unless I hold or lay with her while she nurses herself to sleep. What can complete during this time? Nothing. That is thru one set of glasses. What I must see is she’s being loved and nurtured. That’s what I wanted to be home for, right?!

What about you? Do you have days where all you get done is maybe one thing. Maybe it’s simply brushing your teeth. Or a *gasp* a shower. Those are always nice. 🙂

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