I think I found my cloth diaper routine!


As you know, I’ve been on the hunt. I have decided to cloth diaper baby #3! This will be my 1st cloth diaper experience. To my surprise Mr. agreed without fight.

We live in a bungalow apartment with no washer and dryer facility (I regret the decision to move here often). Currently, my wash routine is a trip to the laundry mat once a week. I’ve been searching, hoping, praying that I could find a method for CDing that would not increase my laundry trips. I have had a few people tell me once a week laundering is not possible and I may just want to hand wash. Well, I don’t. I would rather find an inexpensive CD system (which it seems to be prefolds and covers) and figure out how to make my once a week wash routine stick.

I am happy that in search I have found a few (I can tell once a week washing is not popular) sites, comments, posts where the once a week washing seems possible. I found this one today and thought it was worth sharing. Really, I figure if I post it here I won’t lose it.

This is from a post called Easy Wash Instruction from Punkinbutt.com.

If you’re like me and looking for a way to stretch your CD washing to once a week, I hope this is helpful. I will keep you all posted on my Cloth Diaper journey as it unfolds. I still have about 7 weeks before baby’s due date, so it will be a minute before I’m putting this routine into practice. If you have a once a week wash routine, please share it in the comments section. I’d love to see how you “Make it work!” (In my Tim Gunn voice) 

Sojourning Thru, Tenáj   

Here is the section of the post I found helpful. I hope it helps you.

Washing Cloth Diapers at a Laundromat
Good for you! Cloth diapers are a great way to go for your baby and our world, but having to go to a laundromat adds to the load, so to speak. But it is possible! The good news about laundromat washing is that those huge front-loading machines can wash about 50 diapers at a time – and they’re easier on your diapers than a top-loading machine. So you can get about 6 days’ worth of diapers clean and keep them in good shape!

There are two approaches to washing your diapers at a laundromat: 1) spend minimal time at home, but more money and time at the laundromat, or 2) spend more time at home, but less time and money at the laundromat.

Option #1: Less Time at Home, More at Laundromat
There is still a little more work with this method than with home laundering, but not much. Basically, we suggest that you rinse out each and every diaper – wet and dirty alike – and then use a dry pail to store them. Rinsing them all gets a head start on cleaning them and helps keep odors down. Sprinkling Baking Soda on every few diapers will also keep odors down. You may want to have two nylon totes to help you store these during the week. Then when laundry day comes, you will have two (slightly heavy) bags of wet, pre-rinsed diapers. At the laundromat, follow these suggestions from the Easy Wash system and wash your diapers twice:

Wash #1
Basic plan:
Run a COLD/COLD wash cycle with 1/2 cup Baking Soda. The cold water prevents stains from setting in, while still working to lift the stool from the diaper and wash it away.

Add a nice touch:
Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator 1-2 squirts to destroy odors and remove stains.
Oxygen bleach – One or two scoops to whiten and sanitize (change to WARM/COLD to help dissolve oxygen bleach).

Wash #2
Basic plan:
Run a HOT/COLD wash with ¼ cup detergent. The hot water sanitizes both the diapers and your washer.
If you have hard water, add ½ cup distilled white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser, or put it in a Downy ball and throw it in (these methods release the vinegar during the final rinsing, where it is most effective).

Add a nice touch:
Tea Tree Oil – 3 to 4 drops 
To the dryer:
Remove wraps, pocket diapers, and totes to line dry at home – or pop them in the dryer for the first 10 minutes.
Dry diapers on hot – they should be dry in an hour (AIO’s may take longer)

Option #2:
More Time at Home, Less at the Laundromat: The Dry Diaper Method

This is a great idea we read about in a book called Diaper Changes, by Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi. She calls it the “dry diaper” method. It involves soaking your diapers in a bucket overnight, rinsing and wringing them out to a damp dry, then air drying them. Here are the steps:

1. Find a bucket that has a locking lid – the kind that your generic laundry detergent comes in, or the square lidded, food-grade type. For the latter, stop at a bakery or a bulk health foods store and see if they’ll give you one, or sell you one for a buck or two.

2. With about a day or two’s worth of diapers in your bucket, fill to the top with very hot water. With the water, add ¼ cup of Baking Soda. A scoop or two of oxygen bleach will do fabulous things to whiten your diapers – and disinfect them. So will Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator. Soak diapers for several hours – overnight works well. If you don’t like the idea of a full bucket of water, just do a few diapers at a time in a smaller container that you can keep out of reach. Never soak diapers in detergent or chlorine bleach!

3. After their good, long soak, rinse and squeeze diapers damp dry. If you’ve used oxygen bleach, be sure you really rinse them well, as oxygen bleach should be completely out of your diapers before they’re dried. If you’re going to the laundromat that day, just throw the diapers in a nylon tote and they’ll be ready to go.

4. If it’s going to be a few days til laundry day, hang dry them to make that fateful day a breeze: hang your pre-washed, fully soaked diapers on a small clothes rack near your window or in your tub. The sunlight helps kill germs and deodorize.

5. Once dry, place in a nylon tote to await laundry day. When that day arrives, you will have a nice pile of dry, halfway clean, pre-soaked diapers.

6. For your wraps and covers, let them air out between uses. For soiled covers or covers that start to smell, hand wash and line dry. Throw them all in with the diapers on wash day to get them a good washing at least once a week. Just be sure to line dry for maximum effectiveness and longetivity.

7. Once at the laundromat, wash your diapers in hot water with half the recommended detergent – too much detergent can add a residue build up to your diapers that will make them less absorbent. Add ½ cup white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser (or in a Downy ball). The vinegar will then be released during the final rinse and will adjust the pH of your load – it also softens them. Never use fabric softener, as it makes your diapers repel water.
As for what to do with your child/children during your time to the laundromat, we hope you can leave them with Daddy and see your visit to the laundromat as a quiet break with a good book!


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