Our First Day of School…

September 14, 2009

Sitting here tonight reflecting on the event of the day… My little girl had her first day of school. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Yes, it’s only Pre-K, but still. She’s my first baby.

I was so excited to wake her this morning. 6:30a I kissed her and sung her a little song that I made up when she was a baby. “Good morning. Good morning. Good morning to you. Good morning. Good morning. How do you do? Good morning. Good morning. Good morning to you. Good morning. Good morning. How do you doooooooo?!!!” Add in a few light tickles and you’ve got a smiling face when she actually comes to.

I explained what I expected from her this morning before her feet even touched the floor. We turned on one of our favorite cds “Car Ride Fun: Kids’ Sing-Along with Nikki Loney” Then we were off! Thank goodness I put my FlyLady habit of preparing for the morning before bed (BBR) into play. We were ready to FLY. Already bathed, we brushed teeth, washed face, pottied, dressed, brushed hair, and were ready to go without a single hiccup! Excellent morning!

To add to the awesomeness of the day my husband, her dad, took the morning off to be present for drop off and pick up! So we said a quick family prayer, left the house, dropped off the baby with my grandmother (you know, so we would be able to provide undivided attention.), and made it to school with time to spare. I signed her in, introduced her dad to her teacher, received a super cute name tag (an apple with her name on it), and we headed to class.

Once all the kids had arrived we walked in, found her hook, got her settled in, kisses and hugs, and said our “See ya later”s. As the teacher lined them all up to wash up for breakfast, I looked back as the door closed to hear, “Bye Mommy.” (My eyes are welling up as I remember. Silly, I know.)

Time for pick up…

Had to make sure we were early. I wanted to be there before they let out. I just didn’t want her to have to wait for me to arrive, or (gasp) be the last child to be picked up. So we made it. Not knowing what to do (remember this is my first day of school too! LOL) I went to her class and peeked in. The teachers aide asked me to wait at the front of the school. By that time other parents picking up and dropping off their little ones had collected at the designated area.

Here they came. Each child’s eyes lighting up as they saw their parent(s) waiting for them. It was so precious. Then…, there she was, beaming like the sun… my love. “Mommy!!!” You would have thought we had been separated for days. It was only three hours! I scooped her up. Kisses and hugs galore! I spoke to her teacher. Excellent reports all around.

As we walked to the car she told me about her day. They had breakfast (she had a bagel with “white cheese”), did arts & crafts (leaving blue glue on her pants), sang songs, got a tour around the classroom to see where they could play, and played. They didn’t get to play outside. Once we arrived at the car the story began again because her dad was in the car. Surprise, surprise! He asked her what she learned. At first she said, “nothing”, but then started listing off all of the basic rules that a classroom should have. She did, however, make sure to emphasize that you can not hug anyone unless you ask them first!

So day one went very well. She had a GREAT day. We will be back tomorrow.

Miracles & Blessings.

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